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Residents Directed to Continue Utilizing Waste Management Carts Until Removed
What do you do with your old Waste Management (WM) carts? Residents who have received their new Republic Services carts, and still have their WM carts should use their WM carts until they have been removed. Read on...
Collection Days Addressed as Trash Service Transition Moves Forward
If your current trash/recycling/bulk collection day falls on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, your collection day will NOT change once Republic Services takes over waste collection services on October 1. Read on...
New trash and recycling carts to be delivered starting Saturday, September 17
In anticipation of the trash/recycling/bulk service provider change, Republic Services will start delivering NEW 96-gallon blue trash carts and green recycling carts starting tomorrow, September 17. Read on...
Flower Mound Trash Service Transition
The Town of Flower Mound will switch trash/recycling/bulk collection service providers October 1 from Waste Management (WM) to Republic Services. Starting mid-September, Read on...
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Community Spotlight

The Town of Flower Mound is undergoing a transition in trash service providers, from Waste Management, to Republic. Find out everything you need to know, from how to get new trash carts, to how your service rate will be affected, and more.

Learn more by visiting: www.flower-mound.com/trash2016.


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